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Coming from a background of art and art history, and a family in the fashion industry, creating things was always part of my identity.


I started my career in fashion and styling over 20 years ago back in Germany, and have always taken pride in the craft: building things, tailoring, stage design, photography, perfect lighting, rare props, and making them all come together to fulfill the client’s vision. 

Several years ago, I was given the opportunity to move into art & creative directing as well as standing behind the camera as a photographer.


Making images opened up a new language for me, one that’s directly between the camera and what I see.


This vision allows me to work more closely with my talent, and get the highest quality results for the client.  

My multi-faceted experience has taught me to be truly authentic, but it allows me to break the rules if that’s the path to the right result.


My approach can range from realist to surrealist, and powerful storytelling is always of high importance to me. 

By nature, I’m calm under pressure, and can come up with innovative solutions quickly.


My international working background has given me a great understanding for the expectations of European and domestic clients, with all the cultural and social nuances that are at play in advertising and commerical work. 

Always budget conscious, I represent client projects with class and professionalism.


I am discreet, loyal, and knowledgeable about all aspects of creative, branding and production. I’m quick, and familiar with local resources and talent in both the US and Europe.

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